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General Terms and Conditions of Pettrailer Switzerland


The general terms and conditions (GTC) are part of the contract concluded when the animal owner [hereinafter referred to as the client] placed the order with Pettrailer Switzerland [hereinafter referred to as the contractor]. For reasons of better legibility, a uniform form is used in the text. It always means both the female and the male form.


1. Placing an order


We have provided an order form on our website “” Einsatzvertrag that you can fill out online and send to us.

An order is deemed to have been placed when the client sends the completed online order form to the contractor by clicking the "Send" button and the form is at least provided with the client's personal data. By submitting the form, the contractor's terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted.

The client is aware that the contractor cannot guarantee that the escaped animal will be successfully secured and that, in individual cases, an order must be rejected with justification.

Any necessary use of special equipment (cameras, drones, live traps, etc.) will be discussed with the client in advance.


2. Carrying out the search


The best possible implementation of the animal search can only be achieved with good planning, coordination and the help of everyone involved. If the client has also commissioned other organizations or persons to search for animals, he must inform the contractor immediately or in advance. Otherwise the contractor reserves the right to terminate the cooperation and to invoice costs that have already been incurred.


3. Payment terms


The invoice will be issued after the collaboration has ended. This ends either after the escaped animal has been successfully secured, or after the search has been canceled, which was mutually agreed upon by both parties.

If the search for the missing animal extends over a longer period of time, the contractor reserves the right to issue an interim invoice, which must be paid in any case. The same applies if the search is aborted or in the event that the animal being searched for dies.

According to the invoice, payment must be made within 10 days of the invoice date.


4. Liability


The client is liable for damage caused by his animal, provided that this could have been averted by informing the client in advance (e.g. previous, reported bite incidents that were concealed).

If the animal causes damage to people, property or other animals while being secured, the costs incurred are to be borne by the client. The contractor rejects any liability in this regard.

The contractor's liability is expressly limited to intent and gross negligence.

The client is aware that securing runaway animals with a live trap can always involve the risk that an animal will be harmed. If culpably caused damage occurs during the provision of the service, the contractor is liable within the framework of liability insurance.

If the animal falls ill or is injured during the safeguarding period, the contractor reserves the right to visit the nearest veterinarian or veterinary clinic. This, however possible, in prior agreement with the client. The client alone bears the resulting costs.

The contractor is not liable for damage caused by force majeure. Should the animal, despite the utmost precautionary measures, escape again and / or have an accident, the contractor cannot be held liable.

5. Personal information


The client agrees that his personal and factual data will be recorded by the contractor. These data will not be passed on to third parties, except in the case of a necessary consultation with a veterinarian or animal welfare in an emergency.


6. Place of jurisdiction


Birrhard / Switzerland is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the relationship between the client and the contractor.

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