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At Pettrailer Schweiz we work with search dogs (training and deployment), drone equipment, camera-monitored feeding stations and live traps.


The resulting ongoing costs for training and further education, equipment, maintenance, vehicles, etc. can only be partially covered by the income, since we are not geared towards profit but towards cost recovery in order to keep the financial expenses for the animal owners affordable. In addition, there are unfortunately always very complex animal rescues where the owners/keepers are not interested in a recovery or no owners are known, and of course we work for free in these cases.


We are therefore very grateful for donations so that we can continue to offer our services in the best possible quality in the future.


Pettrailer Schweiz thanks you for your support regarding the welfare of the animals!


(Please choose your payment method below, thank you!)


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Unfortunately, if someone donates via Twint, we cannot see who is making the donation.

Please give us your details "here" so that we can thank you properly.

IBAN Nr.: CH03 8080 8006 8334 1133 3


Beneficiary: Pettrailer Schweiz, Fischerstrasse 1, 5244 Birrhard


Bank: Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft, Raiffeisenplatz, 9001 St. Gallen


Postkonto der Bank: 50-4158-4

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