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dog run away, what to do

Keep calm! 


If the dog has run away from home, a person known to him should wait at the place of disappearance.

Most dogs return to the place of escape after minutes, possibly hours.

If you are not alone, then someone should go to the car/parking lot during this time, it may well turn up there.


If the dog has escaped in the vicinity of the place of residence, the same applies, in addition it would be advantageous that the dog would have free access to the house/apartment.


Please do not try to search for your dog over a large area, because the many freshly laid tracks could make it difficult for him to find his way back.




For dogs that have escaped on a leash/flexi or have been injured in an accident, a pet trailer would be very helpful.

The behaviour of fearful dogs is more difficult to predict than that of strays or "normal" dogs, and with an active search one would most likely drive the dog only further away.



Report to:


  • Police

  • Municipality and neighboring municipality (place of disappearance)

  • Veterinarians in the area

  • Local wildlife control

  • Animal reporting center ( - report a missing animal

  • Put up search posters with picture and contact details (ask where allowed).

  • Social media




For support we are gladly at your disposal.


Tel. 076 598 60 60


or via our contact form

When are pet trailers helpful

Search dogs are not always the right solution. Scared dogs may flee if they see the tracker dog. The use of the Pettrailer makes sense if;


  • the dog has run away on a leash / flexi and there is a risk that it will be stuck somewhere. This is likely if there are no visual reports after 12-24 hours.


  • the four-legged friend was injured in an accident or is old and therefore cannot move too far away.


For other situations, there are other possible solutions, such as setting up feeding stations with live cameras or even live traps (only with professional help and advice).





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