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Markus Baumgartner

Education and training

Markus Baumgartner


President and Head of Operations / Pettrailer Schweiz


Resident: Aargau


Year of birth: 1971


Mantrailing instructor

(MT trainer training at Mantrailing-Europe)


REDOG MT- Specialist RG BO (2015-2019)

REDOG MT SAR helper (operational)



Operational drone pilot

Dogs have been part of my daily companions for many years. My first two dogs were Labrador Retrievers, first Laika, then Syra. With Syra, after trying out various activities such as obedience, agility, etc., I then found the entry into mantrailing and was immediately fascinated, not to say "pissed off".

As Syra got older, the desire to take mantrailing to the next level grew in me and I started to look for a suitable dog breed to achieve this goal. This I found with the Gonczy Polski male "Amun", who moved in as a puppy in 2016.

Amun is an excellent mantrailer, he works incredibly determined, independent and dogged, it is a pleasure to form a team with him and constantly continue to work on our communication.

Syra, who is now 13 years old, is of course also allowed to run a "chat trail" from time to time and visibly blossoms in these moments!

Education and training

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